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New year?

Everyone seems pretty blah about the holiday and the upcoming year.. and I have to say I am with them.
The year had its ups and downs but I am not sure how I feel overall. Let's see if I actually remember enough to recap-

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Xmas was nice- got my Kindle, just waiting on the cover so I can start carrying it. I think I have 30 books loaded (some already read from my ipod) but looking forward to using it.


So there has been a lot of crap lately but some good poking through, for now (and for the best) I choose to focus on that.
The big recap-
I didn't look to see when I last posted so this is a stab in the dark.

May was crazy with CRC events- face painting at the Kid's Marathon, Medals at the Adult Marathon, Diversity Walk, and others I am forgetting now.
Also there was fun to be had at Chandara's Cairo in Columbus :) I think we all looked good and the stage was really nice to dance on.
June had more drama and belly dance shows, including a great benefit for the ALS foundation (and one of Mom's former coworkers). And I got to be "Mother Goose" at the mall which was fun, reading to the kiddies.
July was packed with community festivals and parades and hobo gigs. So I shimmied and told my hobo story ad nauseum but generally had a good time.  It was also getting used to living @ my parents- which is an adjustment but seems to be working out- no fatalities yet.
August was... I don't remember. I was busy planning mom's surprise 60th for September... so much so I only invited half the people I wanted to my birthday brunch. We also house sat for friends which was fun. Con planning was begun in earnest with meetings in between semiars and shows. This month it was Akasha and Fan veils- tricky but pretty. Finding the music was a chore as it was out of print but we have it now.
September remains busy. Mom's surprise party went super well, she was thrilled so many people wanted to celebrate with her. Our anniversary was quiet. we had breakfast then work and RBQ didn't get home until almost 10 :( Then there was an Eqyptian workshop with Momo Kadous which broke our brains but was fun and a performance of our newest number which went prety well- and we looked great
This weekend was supposed to be a road trip for con meeting but it was switched to online so Peanut and I have been having a weekend o' shenanigans.
And I have a line on a new theatre project.. will know more after meeting on Monday.
So that is it more or less, sans craziness and drama, if I could just kep thins that way it's be great.
sad shuchan by Kitty

I've been avoiding saying it but...

RBQ and I are moving in with my parents. :(

My Dad lost his job in March (on Friday the 13th) after 30 years with the company (his anniversary had been the 12th, yes, the DAY BEFORE) and they are now worried about paying the mortgage as they adjust to the situation. Our lease was up in June and we wanted out of the building so being dutiful daughter we are moving into the basement.

From 2 bedroom, pack-rat stuffed apartment to one room.

There are other challenges as well, such as my smoke allergy and my father's cigarillo chain-smoking and RQB's dog allergy and "Precious" my Mom's dog.

We don't have a date yet because I requested a month to month until July 1 because we have so much going on in May and June that is already set. For now we are packing little things and sorting. We'll have to get a storage unit for some of the big stuff but their neighbor has offered a spare room in house for valuables and stuff that won't weather storage well (like my ten tons of books).

So if anyone has free time and a car- we'd be grateful for a hand with a load or two.


So I have been avoiding scale because I knew I was eating poorly but clothes have been fitting okay. I was horrified to see I had put back on 13 lbs. (from my all time low) which puts me in toes reach of all time (at least that I weighed myself to see) boo.
So it's back on the train for me.
So prepare to ignore crap as I track myself.
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don't mess w/ my friends by kitty


So Tekko was long and hard and fun. It was worth getting out of town for the weekend. We got to spend some time with people we haven't seen in a year or two and have made plans to make plans, lol.
I love the relaxed- ish vibe at Tekko compared to other cons.
The bad was a call on Sunday night that Something Happened at Class Friday! And one of the girls is acting a little childish and passive aggressive and making a huge fuss over something that is only becoming a deal because it will mean she is not the star at the time.
I sent her an email this morning and the response was as expected- I don't care- she wants someone else to take responsibility and decide but then pouts when she doesn't like the decision when even thought she didn't make her opinion known. So we'll got forth with practice as usual tonight and hope she doesn't make a scene.
I just wish she could have waited until I got home but I know she started it because I wasn't there. I'm glad I'm not walking in blind tonight but damn- it made my stomach hurt all night and all the way home.
sad shuchan by Kitty

wow the bad keeps coming

so I just found out my dad lost his job yesterday.
they showed up- took his company laptop, cell phone, and car and left a severance package.
Mom is upset and freaked out (me too)
If anyone knows of something... he was a computer/ machine technician

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The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me. It will be about or tailored to those five lucky "victims."

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
- What I create will be just for you.
- It'll be done this year.
- You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be fic. It may be poetry. I may draw or paint something. I may bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well, if you expect me to do something for you!


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01) What are your nicknames?
Amybug, Amybelle, Bunny, The Bunny, and I guess Aim- but I hate that and will happily smash people who call me that :)

02.) How do you style your hair?
Ponytail or twisted up, rarely down.

03.) What was the last thing you watched on TV?
the TV is on now but I'm not watching it.

04.) Who/What is your favourite old time black & white comedic show?
The Dick VanDyke show

05.) Did you do anything productive today?
Not really- I have managed to follow the diet plan today- though it's killing me.

06.) What was the last book you read?
Finished- Schooled in Murder
In Process- Wuthering Heights (our book club book this month)

07.) Do you nap a lot?
I do but it's a compensation for the insomnia that keeps me up all night. I sleep 2 hours in the afternoon to suppliment the 3-4 hours I get at night

08.) What is your favorite comfort food?
Chocolate, ice cream, marshmallow, strawberries, bbq chicken pizza

09.) Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
Life. Been damn depressed the last few months :(

10.) What's your favorite dessert?
chocolate fudge brownie from ben & jerry's

11.) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
30- 60 min. depending on how much extra sleep I can squeeze in

12.) What websites do you visit daily?
Numerous emails, SparkPeople, LiveJournal, Gaia Online, Cake Wrecks

13.) What's the weather currently like?
Dunno and I don't want to until I have to go out

14.) If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would you be?
Las Vegas or Sydney, probably Sydney

15.) What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
Cabin in the Woods from Evil Dead the Musical

16.) What's the last movie you saw?
The Tale of Desperaux- rbq took me to the movies sunday night :)

17.) What TV shows are you currently watching?
nothing really- I will see Ugly Betty, Pushing Daisies, psych, and eureka when the new seasons hit dvd but we get no reception on those channels to watch them air.

18.) What is your least favorite thing to do that you have to do every day?
deal with life

19.) Best time of your life?
When things roll well and everyone is having fun and the house is clean too!

20.) What are you most looking forward to in the coming month?
Seeing all the peoples at Ohayocon and maybe book club (the food is good)

B.] Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag whoever tagged you.

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